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carbide tool diamond grinding wheel

Gashing requires higher profile consistency of the grinding wheel

Resin Bond Diamond & CBN Wheels

resin bond wheel , eurogrind superabrasives make diamond wheel have higher edge retension , which provide high quality of gashing and fluting opertation on carbide drill
hybrid bond diamond wheel

Looking for high stock removal ?

hybrid bond diamond wheel


EUROGRIND SUPERABRASIVES Produces Resin Bond Diamond Wheels that are used for maximum performance which reduces production time and increases profits. These wheels help in cutting and grinding various materials efficiently.​

Using resin bond diamond grinding wheels leads to diminished grinding force, less heat caused by grinding, good self-sharpening, high efficiency, and higher-finish quality. Diamond wheels are used to cut, finish grind, semi-finish grind, sharpen, and polish.

It can evenly distribute the bond on abrasives and hold the abrasive grains into the resin bond diamond grinding wheel. And it can firmly bond to the matrix. This can prevent the abrasive grains from falling off easily in the early stages and prevent bond separation.

Since resin bonds are elastic and brittle, they are self-sharpening and do not block, but they have poor wear resistance. Therefore, resin bond diamond wheels will have high grinding efficiency with high wear resistance as long as they satisfy the surface roughness requirement. 

If the resin bond of the grinding wheel is not heat resistant, it will consume quickly and result in wheel cracks and burns because of the high grinding heat. When dry grinding, the feed amount should be kept as small as possible to improve durability. Wet grinding with coolant increases the durability of a grinding wheel.It is a direct relationship between the bond strength and the grinding efficiency, consumption, workpiece quality, and safety performance of the grinding wheel.

1A1 diamond wheels , Diamond grinding wheel , Eurogrind Superabrasives
1A1R parting wheel cutting carbide rods , Eurogrind Superabrasives
11V9 tool and cutter grinding  , Eurogrind Superabrasives

Diamond and Cbn wheels used in ANCA , WIDMA , WALTER, SAACKE, TGT , EWAG etc

Eurogrind Superabrasives' diamond grinding wheels, electroplated diamond products, hybrid bond diamond wheels, diamond dressers, honing stones, and diamond paste products in action, delivering precise and efficient grinding results. These cutting-edge tools offer exceptional quality and technology, engineered for shaping and refining hard materials. Used in manufacturing, construction, and metalworking, they ensure superior performance, accurate truing and shaping, and high-quality surface finishes

We Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives Products. With Proven bonds suitable for different applications. We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients and due to this we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction

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