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high-quality PCBN solid inserts with high impact resistance

PCD & PCBN Tools

pcd tools


Eurogrind Superabrasives tools can transform the cutting-edge characteristics of superhard materials into products with innovative performance, which have obvious performance and price advantages compared with competitors' products.

These PCD tools are widely used in high-silicon aluminum alloy, stone and other non-ferrous metals and non-metal processing. In traditional mechanical processing applications, not only the overall production cost is greatly reduced, but also the productivity and efficiency of the entire production operation are significantly improved, and at the same time, equipment investment is greatly reduced.

PCD Boring & Notching Tools For Carbide Rollers

PCD boring tools are used for machining various of tungsten carbide rollers. PCD tips for carbide roller notching.PCD tips for carbide roller notching.high abrasive resistance and thermal conductivity

good surface finish.Long service life. The service life is 20 times more than carbide boring tools

PCD Cutting Tools

Our R&D investment and the collaboration with an established company to have technology sharing and with customer's needs, enable us to find new methods to transform the premium feature of the superhard materials into products with innovative performance. There are obvious advantages in both performance and price compared with competitors.

These PCD cutting tools are widely used in high silicon aluminum alloy, stone, nonferrous, and nonmetal machining. In the mechanical machining application of the traditional system, not only the comprehensive production cost is greatly reduced, but also the production capacity and efficiency are significantly improved in the whole production operation.

PCBN Inserts

Eurogrind Superabrasives is able to develop and manufacture the most consistent high-quality PCBN solid inserts with high impact resistance, more economical double-layer inserts, superfinishing single-layer inserts, and inserts with cutting-edge coating techniques. It fully meets the requirements of wear resistance, impact resistance, thermal stability, and chemical stability of metal machining. Our PCBN inserts are widely used in processing pearlitic cast iron, high chromium and nickel alloy cast iron, hardened steel, powder metal, hard alloy, and superalloy. only it has greatly reduced the comprehensive production cost, but also significantly improved the production capacity and efficiency during the whole production operation, and the equipment investment is greatly decreased at the same time.

The service life of this PCBN insert can be more than 10 times that of a carbide insert and reduce the cost of a comprehensive cutting tool by 30%-40%. The machining efficiency of PCBN insert is 5-10 times that of the carbide insert, which greatly improves the equipment capacity and reduces the fixed investment of equipment. Surface finish and dimensional precision of machining workpiece of Eurogrind Superabrasives PCBN insert can reach the grinding level, and make turning instead of grinding to reduce equipment investment.

We offer our expertise to help to create the perfect customization for your business.

Eurogrind Superabrasives' diamond grinding wheels, electroplated diamond products, hybrid bond diamond wheels, diamond dressers, honing stones, and diamond paste products in action, delivering precise and efficient grinding results. These cutting-edge tools offer exceptional quality and technology, engineered for shaping and refining hard materials. Used in manufacturing, construction, and metalworking, they ensure superior performance, accurate truing and shaping, and high-quality surface finishes

We Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives Products. With Proven bonds suitable for different applications. We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients and due to this we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction

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