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Vitrified Bond Diamond & CBN wheels

VITRIFIED BOND is a kind of material that has high bonding ability. Bond usually has high strength and good heat resistance, and also has a good groundability. The finish of the bond is good and the fillers are economical and the grinding efficiency is high.

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel is used for rough grinding, finish grinding and super-finish grinding of ceramic sleeve pin for optical fiber and telethon.

Basically, its purpose is to connect and fix the diamond grains on the wheel and ensure its strength and shape.

      1 With its high strength and good bonding to diamond grains, Vitrified Bond has the ability to prevent diamond grains falling off too early when grinding. This makes it possible for the grinding wheel to play its full role of grinding.

      2 Diamond wheels that have been hardened are often used in high-speed grinding. They will often withstand some sudden loads and impacts. As a result, they are more likely to remain safe and ensure that machinery is not damaged.

      3 The bond can ensure that the abrasives are made into different shapes, which would be suitable for the diamond wheel manufacturing process.

      4 The bond is highly durable and chemically stable at high temperatures.

Vitrified bond has the common advantages of metal and resin bond. Therefore, it has sharp cutting, low grinding force, high production efficiency, long service life, easy dressing, high grinding precision, low grinding temperature, and high durability of the workpiece.

Also, it is used for rough and finishes grinding crankshafts, precision bearings, camshafts, and other workpieces. It is commonly used for grinding high precision gears, gear shapers, precision lead screws, and machine tool guides.

Eurogrind Superabrasives , Diamond grinding wheel , Carbide tool grinding wheel , diamond cup grinding wheel

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