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Polymide bond Diamond & Cbn wheels

Polyimide resin is used instead of the standard phenolic resin .

Polyimide resin is best in heat and wear resistance.

  • Polyimide bond wheel have Excellent machine strength. Tensile strength of polyimide resin goes down by only 15% when it kept between 250 – 1000 degree Celsius that’s why theses wheel perform well under conditions of high temperature.

  • Polyimide bond wheel have Excellent heat resistance. According to thermogravimetry, the rate of residual weight reaches 90% at temperature of 388 degree Celsius for phenolic resin and 516 degree Celsius , and a difference of 150 c at the point of thermal decomposition. This heat resistance brings superiority in grit retention when generating grinding heat.

  • The wheel life of polyimide bond is tend to be longer as mesh size becomes finer within a range of #100 to #200. This brings the process of rough and finish can be done only with one wheel.

  • When depth of cut increases from 0.01mm to 0.05mm in surface grinding applications, the wheel life of resin bonded wheel is shortened to less than 1/3 , but polyimide wheel life rarely changed.

  • Excellent surface finish can be expected.

  • Polyimide bond provides superior performance in heavy grinding of tungsten carbide and difficult to machine materials like glass and ceramics.

  • The grinding ability of this wheel is extensively advanced by improving the element of polyimide bond and making CBN abrasive grit retention stronger. Result of that it achieves outstanding performance in heavy grinding for all kinds of steel materials. 

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