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Hybrid Bond Diamond & CBN Wheels

hybrid bond diamond wheel
hybrid bond diamond wheel

Improve your current chipping and surface finish yields

Hybrid bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels are mainly used in cutting tool industry, they are used for fluting, gashing and clearance operations with extremely high stock removal, long dressing interval, low grinding force, excellent shape retention.

 The advantages of Hybrid bond is as follows : 

HYBRID Bond Diamond product may last 6 to 8 of conventional Resin Bond products put together.

HYBRID Bond Diamond Products are more durable than Resin Bond products, its is designed to minimize wreckage.

It has been successfully implemented in critical applications. Depending on the material you are machining, RPM's, coolants, and other factors.

HYBRID Bond can help you improve your current chipping and surface finish yields.

A resin bond must remain very fragile in order to expose new diamonds. For this reason, strong and high quality diamonds cannot be used in a resin bond. High-quality diamonds are harder than a resin bond matrix, and would soon disintegrate the bond that keeps them in place. The diamonds that are used in a resin bond are poor to medium quality. Most of them disintegrate or fall out of the bond before they have a chance of being used. The problem with this approach is these diamonds fall into the material being dicing, causing unwanted contamination.

 A resin bond is really tar in a solid form. And in many cases, must be constantly dressed. Constant dressing often results in the blade losing its roundness and becoming oval-shaped. The HYBRID Bond is more solid and solves this problem by exposing each diamond to the area where it's needed most. Unlike a Resin Bond, HYBRID Bond diamond products will not lose their shape or form.

HYBRID Bond Diamond Products is the first universal diamond product you can find on the market. Designed for maximum performance, in machining materials with various degrees of hardness. HYBRID Bond products may be used in both resin bond and metal bond applications. Perfect for companies machining different materials every day.

We offer our expertise to help to create the perfect customization for your business.

Eurogrind Superabrasives' diamond grinding wheels, electroplated diamond products, hybrid bond diamond wheels, diamond dressers, honing stones, and diamond paste products in action, delivering precise and efficient grinding results. These cutting-edge tools offer exceptional quality and technology, engineered for shaping and refining hard materials. Used in manufacturing, construction, and metalworking, they ensure superior performance, accurate truing and shaping, and high-quality surface finishes

We Manufacture a wide range of Superabrasives Products. With Proven bonds suitable for different applications. We offer unique and innovative customized solutions for Our clients and due to this we deliver Diamond and CBN tools with the highest customer satisfaction

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