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Honing Stone & Tools

Diamond & CBN honing stone :

The dimension of the honing stone depends on the design of the honing holder / mandrel. In particular, the height of the abrasive layer is defined by the I possible infeed path of the holder. For the sake of clarity, some type of honing stones are given as below :


Standard honing stone

Honing stones having abrasive layer on steel base. Honing stone is soldered on honing shoe / carrier.

To write dimension: W X H X L X A

Slotted standard honing stone

Same as standard honing stone but with a slot longitudinally for better cutting, cooling and chip removal.

To write dimension: W X H X L X AS

Solid honing stone

This stone consists only the abrasive (No steel base) and is also soldered on the honing shoe / carrier or holder segment.

To write dimension: W X H X L X A


Compact honing stone


Honing stones for direct fitting into the body of the honing holder. This type of stone is generally used for very small bore honing.

To write dimension: W X H X L X A

Drawing of the stone required for manufacturing.

W = Width (mm) H = Height (mm)

L = Length (mm) A = Abrasive height (mm)

S = Slot width (mm)


Solutions Better Use

Various influences determine the result of the honing The characteristics of a honing stone as well as a fine tuning of all the different parameters make it possible to achieve the required result. In addition to high quality in manufacturing, both a short processing time and a long life of the stones can be achieved. The selection of the




These are useful for mainly cast iron applications, super finishing cases, carbide honing, S.G. Iron and other alloy applications & non ferrous products.

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