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Diamond Dressers

Chisal type Diamond Dressers

For Dressing of profile wheels, shaped diamond tools in the form of Chisel Type, Cone, Cubes etc are produced as per specifications. Thread Grinders, Gear Grinders, Form Grinders,  Diaforms  and other machines  . Nose radius can be on specific enquiry and other details

Matrix chisal Diamond Dressers

Matrix Chisel Diamond Dressers are made by using special stones for applications of precise wheel forming. These diamond Tool are used for profiling and re-profiling of wheels with high accuracy on matrix thread grinding, Nowell, and Reishauer machine.

Blade Type Diamond Dressers

We Produce Blade Type diamond dressers in Grit Type and Needle Type Diamonds. Blade type diamond dressers can be a combination of single point diamond dressers and multipoint diamond dressers. It is used in straight dressing and profile dressing.

Multipoint  Diamond Dressers

The diamonds are arranged in different pattern in single layer or multiple layers, depending upon the field of operation. The contact between diamond point and wheel face reduces the unit pressure on each point resulting in a longer tool life with full utilization.

Single Point Diamond Dressers

The Single Point Diamond Dresser is more versatile which is used for truing and dressing purpose of grinding wheel. The diamond for the single point dressing tools is selected for their structural strength, degree of sharpness, & lack of detrimental flaws. The proper selection of single point diamond dresser depends on the dimension of grind hardness.

Diamond Hardness Indenters

We Produce diamond hardness indentor according the Rockwell and viker scale with the application procedures  and standards. Due to a premium grade diamond and the correct lapping with the accurate 120 degree the hardness is determined by respective standards.

Diamond Gauging Finger

Diamond gauging finger is an instrument for measuring the component during the grinding operation. For regular monitoring the measurement of I.D & O.D during the precise grinding operation such a gauging systems are attached to the grinding machines. This system is creating confidence and 100% measurement results in the precision finished products in mass production. This also save the idle time of stopping the machine for sampling the finished component

Roller Diamond Dreser

Roller Diamond Dressers in which Diamonds are arranged in evenly on circumference and in rows. The Diamonds are natural diamond stones, needle shaped or Flat Shape with a specially designed sintered bond.

The equal dressing of grinding wheel is possible with these roller type diamond dressers with smooth surface finish.

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